Peñafiel builds multimedia installations, videos, and photographs that revise history, social issues and their

 connections with injustice, absurdity, repetition, and conformity. His works meld into the space enabling a parade

 of fantasy, and irrational imagery, transmuting into abstracted and ambiguous wandering environments that

 embody a destabilized perpetual loop of paradoxical realities. He breaks down on the materiality and

 immateriality of the mediums, a push and pull of virtual compositions and physical objects playing-off of each

 other to create incongruous experiences. Taking into account the manipulation of information, history, and the

 status-quo, Peñafiel is interested in a political art  that adopts and disrupts the biasing characteristics of the

 informative media and their association with mass control and suppression. Aware of personal and collective

 social experiences as a migrant, Peñafiel examines immigration and history from multiple perspectives and their

 association with fear, exploitation, injustice, mutual parasitism, subjugation, relief, and liberty.