And it’s Going to be Great!

Multimedia Installation & Performace
Multichannel Video, Multichannel Audio, Chiffon Fabric
Dimensions Variable

Commenting on Trump presidential campaign promise to ‘Build the Wall,’ this wall is built out of charcoal drawings projected onto chiffon fabric. The constituent parts shift and breathe as the viewer moves through the labyrinth. Its textured like a wall made out of stone and mortar, and yet it is so unlike a wall, porous and insubstantial. It is a utopian dream of what a border wall might be, a hallucinatory maze rather than an erected border.

Existing both as a critique and pure aesthetic experience,And It’s Going to Be Great! conjures the wall as it currently exists: a hope, a fear, an idea, the mission of a reunited people, the mission of a degenerating state. In this liminal space between slogan and potential reality, the wall is an ever shifting, warping, fluttering dream — allowing both the supporters and detractors to project onto the wall their own understanding. In so doing, this wall speaks to all walls. Walls made of razor wire and chain link; walls made of legal forms and language barriers.

While previous installations often center the migrant’s experience, here the viewer is transformed into the migrant. This colorful installation and euphoric name do not prepare the viewer for what is to come. As they move through the segments of the wall, the disorienting geometry and dazzling color confront the senses. And so the viewer must pass through the wall and consider the greatness of the walls that are coming, that are already here.

Created during the Fagelbo 2017 artist residency, And it’s Going to be Great! was first exhibited during The Nerve 2017 Performance Art Festival, with the support of FAT Village, Broward County Cultural Division, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Collaborative residency with choreographer and performance artist Jenny Larsson

Featured Performers: Roxana Barba, Ivonne Batanero, Rachel Carroll, Jenny Larsson, Lamar Laver, Daniel Nohrden, Sage Roatta


Funding for this project is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council.