︎ Knight Foundation names South Florida Arts Champions and Arts Challenge grant winners, Miami Herald 12/02/19

The Miami-based foundation will announce the winners Monday night during a ceremony at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Since 2005, the foundation has given $165 million to South Florida artists and arts and cultural groups. The arts challenge is an open-call, “no-rules” competition in which artists submit ideas for mostly modest grants. It’s open to residents from Palm Beach to Monroe counties. This year, Knight administrators noted, the winning proposals ranged broadly across three themes: environmental preservation and sustainability; the experiences of Miami pioneers, immigrants and women; and representations of the region’s diversity.


︎ Knight Foundation Announces Miami Arts Challenge Winners 12/02/19

The Knight Arts Challenge has spread its influence wider than ever before, elevating individual artists to a greater degree and offering more opportunities for the public to encounter and engage with great art


︎ Knight Foundation Kicks Off Art Week Miami By Announcing 44 Winning Ideas in 2019 Knight Arts Challenge 11/30/19

For the 11th year, Art Week Miami will kick off Monday with the announcement of the winners of the Knight Arts Challenge. This year, 44 artists and arts organizations will share more than $1.8 million to bring their ideas to life. During a celebration at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation will also honor 21 community leaders as champions of the arts, empowering them to direct $10,000 each to local artists and arts organizations they want to support.


︎ Local Museums Highlight Art Week's International Reach in a Miami-Centric Context

The Bass is in the midst of an impressive rollout of installations and exhibitions, including two that opened earlier this fall and another pair opening in conjunction with Miami Art Week. Edison Peñafiel’s Land Escape and Haegue Yang’s"In the Cone of Uncertainty" examine the fluid nature of human phenomena such as immigration and the navigation of contemporary life in a transhistorical context. Lara Favaretto’s retrospective, "Blind Spot," will present works that speak to the artist’s similar regard for the flux the world constantly experiences...


︎ MoCA Exhibition Features Top Work From Across South Florida by Artburst Miami 8/28/19

The annual South Florida Cultural Consortium exhibit provides a snapshot of the region’s visual-arts community, displaying talents of artists from Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. It offers art lovers the chance to experience regional work in a broad range of media, from painting and sculpture to performance and video, in a one-stop visit. This year, the exhibit opens Sept. 5 at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. MOCA tapped Amy Galpin, chief curator at the Frost Art Museum, to select work by the 13 artists receiving the 2018-2019 consortium grants.


︎ Edison Peñafiel Winner of the Florida Prize in Contemporary Art 2019 8/19

Through video projection and its interaction with multimedia elements, Peñafiel has created a language to talk about the world around us. Clashing ideologies and the repetitive cycles of history produce the crises expressed by Peñafiel’s art. Utilizing irony, and heavily influenced by German expressionism, he does not pull away from the odd angles that our world often intersects at — often integrating sculpture and animation to create disturbing reflections on the realities we participate in and witness every day.


︎ Finite Bodies in Infinite Times - An Essay by Allison Klion 5/25/19

Edison Peñafiel is more interested in the literal movement of bodies through space. His complex installation of video projections and collaged sound references recurrent patterns of human migrations. Looped in an endless procession, absurd, yet highly sympathetic characters trudge across an animated landscape. The terrain slowly shifts between grassland, ocean, desert, and mountain range, only for the travelers to appear back where they started again, looping back on an eternal journey to nowhere. Though Peñafiel’s masked characters continually traverse the landscapes they encounter, they leave no visible index of their passage, and as such, they seem doomed to repeat themselves again and again. At the same time, the identity of the characters remains temporally and culturally ambiguous—some seem without gender or without age.


︎ Odd Fellows: Two Exhibitions Just South of Dallas by Glasstire 7/8/19

Edison Peñafiel’s work is a video installation on the third floor of the building; it remarks upon the theme of human migratory patterns, though not as a specific political commentary about current events. All of the slowly marching bodies in Peñafiel’s video are actually the artist himself, dressed up in costumes from a local theater, which complicates the historicity of the subject matter. Rows of sheets hang from the ceiling, and the projections upon them are softly dimmed the further you walk into the installation. There is a “gate” of barbed wire separating the projection area from the larger, walkable space, which Wolfson Smith opens for me at a particular stretch of the wire that lacks any barbs. You can only enter the installation at this corner, she says. This large-scale, multi-media installation is not unlike the work for which Peñafiel was awarded the 2019 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art.


︎ Top Five: May 23, 2019 by Glasstire

Rachel Wolfson Smith and Edison Peñafiel: Reenactments of a Perpetual Cycle
100 West Corsicana
May 25 – August 15
Opening May 25, 3-6 PM

A two-person show featuring site-specific drawing and video installations by Rachel Wolfson Smith and Edison Peñafiel.

︎ Hollywood, Florida Does it Again by Choose 954 9/15/18

The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood hosted a packed house on September 14th for its 2018 Florida Biennial grand opening and reception. This uniquely curated event is held every other year at the charmingly quaint culture center in downtown Hollywood, Florida and features a winning Juror’s pick accompanied by a winning honorable mention. This year, highly esteemed curator, Laura Marsh-accompanied by Juror Sarah Fritchey- hand-selected 68 works by 30 artists. This list was dwindled down from the original 280 plus Florida-based applicants. Communication director, Leo Sarmiento related to me, “We are very fortunate to have Laura Marsh (curator) and Sarah Fritchey (Juror) this year. They come highly qualified and work tirelessly to hand select the winners. The neat thing is that it’s all subjective, depending on their individual tastes and how the pieces fit into the thematic significance of the biennial.”


︎ Carry That Weight by The Coastal Post 6/22/18

I got to know Edison and his practice during a month in a 3-storey, former thrift-store. Peñafiel draws from a variety of migratory experiences (Latin America, the Middle East, Continental Africa), each one with it’s own specific political contexts and historical influences. However, it’s the common factors they share, that he extracts for an installation. The more universal the elements in the installation, the more viewers might project their own experiences onto the work - it becomes more relatable as a result.

I asked him how he feels about the partially ephemeral status of work created at Elsewhere - especially since he curated an entire space, instead of fabricating an art-object that can be easily moved.


︎ Contemporary is a Season by Art Circuits 9/24/2016

Traveling from the Brooklyn Museum to Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) the exhibition Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks showcases rarely seen sketches, doodles and artworks to further establish this artist as iconic. Continuing from Basquiat’s creative timeline NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale’s exhibition Belief + Doubt focuses on contemporary art from the 1990’s, and comprises selections, including many female artists, from the Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz collection. Situating contemporary art in the present subconscious, The Space Between on view atThe Screening Room, shows three abstract videos by Alba Soto, David Gumbs, and Edison Peñafiel that explore subjective states of recognition as they relate to water, femininity and politics. Also addressing these themes, among others,

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